Tips to Play Pubg Mobile Like a Pro

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG mobile is the most popular mobile game of the year. PUBG mobile is a fighting game where 100 players land on an island. They need to search weapons, vehicles, clothes, etc to survive till the end. The last squad alive is the winner and served with “Chicken Dinner.”

So, how this game works and how to play like a pro player? This is one of the most frequently asked questions related to PUBG mobile. Luckily, we have interviewed a couple of pro players and come up with suggestions to help you improve your gaming experience.

A Quality Smartphone and Network

PUBG is a demanding game for sure. There is no way to compete with others if you have a low-quality hardware phone or slow internet access. If you have a regular smartphone, then you need to lower the graphics and frame rate to have smooth gameplay. Also, make sure that you turn off all the other applications.

While playing the game, if you are receiving a ping more than 200 then you are in trouble. There is a chance that you might get killed before you even see the other player. Get a better connection.

Customize Controls and Settings

Unlike its rival Fortnite, PUBG does allow you to customize the controls and move them anywhere on the screen. It allows you to adjust the buttons as per your convenience. It’s very important to have customized control settings to play properly while having a battle. Also, adjust the other settings like audio settings, short messages, and etc. It allows you to communicate with your squad effectively.


When you jump from the plane, make sure that you land as soon as possible. It gives you some time to find weapons and other gears. Decide where you are going to land and mark the spot. Try to find a spot within 2000 km to land quickly.

Stay in a Cover

Always make sure that you have some sort of cover. If you are in a house, that’s fine. If you are outside, find a cover of a tree, a stone or a vehicle. If you are unlucky and you don’t have a cover, make sure you are always moving to avoid a headshot. You can distract the shooter with jumping and changing your running direction repeatedly.

Learn to Survive

The purpose of this game is to survive until the end. If you are surrounded by too many enemies, you can go stealth. You are open to go out and fight if you think that you can ‘Kill em all.’ The best thing is to go stealth if you have no idea where your enemies and how many of them. Let them fight with each other and then kill the survivors.

Don’t Repeat the Mistakes

Last but not the least; you need to learn from your mistakes. This is the only way to improve your gameplay. Whenever you get stuck in a situation, recall where you went wrong and try to avoid it in the next games.